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Document Format

Unfortunately a single consistent approach to layout and style was not used for all of the articles and books, but that does not detract from their contents.

For the purpose of publishing Derek's work on this site the majority of the articles and books have been converted into single Adobe PDF files from the original Microsoft Word file(s). Every effort has been made to perform the conversions without introducing formatting and referencing errors, but if you do come across mistakes then please let me know by sending an email detailing the problem. Unfortunately, there are two articles ('Suspension Bridges in Britain in the Early Nineteenth Century' and 'The Newcomen Society - How Much Did Brunel Really Know About Suspension Bridges or Did Davies Gilbert Know Better? Clifton Suspension Bridge, 1831') where the original Word files have been lost and the printed manuscripts have been scanned to produce the PDF files.

The PDF files do not have a security method applied to them so there are few restrictions on what can be done with a a document. For example, you are free to print one of Derek's articles or cut and paste its contents. However, if you use Derek's work then please be good enough to give him the attribution he deserves.

Please be aware that the Thames Tunnel and Henry Marc Brunel books are just under 8 MB in size, while the Clifton Suspension Bridge book is about 5.5 MB. Hence it will take a few moments to download one of these books using a broadband Internet connection.

In order to view the PDF articles and books you will need Adobe Reader installed on your computing device. This program can be downloaded for free from:

  Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License.