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Henry Marc Brunel


A copy of the 'Henry Marc Brunel - Engineer or Bon Viveur?' (2004) manuscript is held in the University of Bristol Library Special Collections. Two copies are held in the Institution of Civil Engineers Library.

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The article 'Henry Marc Brunel - Civil Engineer' appeared in Construction History, Volume 20, pp. 71-84 (2004) after Derek's death. (Construction History is the the Journal of the Construction History Society.)

The published article is supported by a set of illustrations not available on this website. The text of the published article may also be slightly different from that available here. However, a copy of the published article can be viewed online through the Department of Architecture at the University of Cambridge.

The article 'Henry Marc Brunel - Engineer' is probably an earlier version of the published article and likely represents the material presented to the Newcomen Society (see below).

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Derek gave lectures to the Newcomen Society (the International Society for the History of Engineering and Technology) in Bristol and Birmingham on the life of Henry Marc Brunel in 2004.

Derek also gave a paper on 'Henry Brunel' to the Institution of Structural Engineers History Study Group on 14th February 2005 (this might have used the article 'Henry Marc Brunel - Civil Engineer' as its basis).

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